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Are you suffering from bandwidth limitations and scalability issues?


We’re a managed service provider with a focus on connectivity,

pioneering the idea of SD-WAN as a service since 2014, in which time we’ve been helping IT departments to migrate away from legacy architecture, while also monitoring connection quality, performance, and uptime.

We can combine any number of wired & wireless connections from different providers,

we’re able to help you create a robust and dynamic network that offers higher bandwidth at unbeatable levels of reliability.

Doesn’t necessarily mean you have to completely abandon your current network architecture.

We’ll assist you throughout the entire process of evolving it without forcing you to make any sudden, drastic changes.

Two key situations we can help you out with

Use cases

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Long-term architecture evolution

If you’re looking to migrate away from your legacy network architecture for the long-term, Venn provides a complete SD-WAN solution for your network.

No matter where you stand with your current telecom provider’s contracts, it’s never too soon to start planning your network evolution to support the business of today as well as the business of tomorrow — and our SD-WAN architecture is the perfect way to make sure your network will be able to handle any and all demands made of it, not just for now but for the future too.

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Urgent WAN solutions

When a connection goes down, we restore it with wireless in 48h to reestablish business continuity, and connect the site to the internet and a datacenter.

For urgent WAN issues, Venn can assign a dedicated team to jump right in. For example, in international offices where the network is poor or when you need connectivity in a remote event or a construction site, we can deliver professional-grade internet and intranet anywhere in the world. We can also provide extra bandwidth for specific needs, like migrating to the cloud.

Here’s how we can help solve network headaches for good


Connectivity that never fails

True packet-based bonding technology provides unbeatable amounts of bandwidth and unbreakable connectivity by combining any number of wireless or wired inputs into one high-performance connection.

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Custom solutions to meet your needs

Cookie-cutter solutions aren’t good enough for us, which means they’re not good enough for you. That’s why, rather than offer generic suggestions, our technical experts listen to you and design a personalised WAN solution for each site.

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A proven track record of wireless expertise

We launched our first 4G-based wireless SD-WAN sites in 2014, the same year the technology itself was launched. Since then, we’ve deployed 1000s of sites all over the world and cemented our reputation as experts in wireless.

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The perfect application optimizations for you

We’ll regularly review the applications your organisation is using to define appropriate distribution rules through all your WANs and secure the most critical ones.

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Check out the benefits of working with Venn



A high-bandwidth connection you can trust

Migrating to our SD-WAN network architecture gives you reliable access to a high-performance, high-bandwidth connection that never fails.

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Network architecture that’s easy to scale

As well as offering site-wide and network-wide visibility, our SD-WAN also makes it easy to extend and evolve your network across entire countries.

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Flexible contracts for complete budget control

Thanks to our flexible contracts, which ensure that you only pay for the links and connections you actually need, when you work with Venn you’re always in control of your budget.

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Personalised care and next-level responsiveness

Because it’s deeply rooted in our values to thoroughly understand our customers’ networks before proposing a solution, you can expect personalised care — as well as quick, efficient, and hands-on support.

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Meet the team and understand what we do

Hear how our leadership team is committed to collaboration. And learn what our team prioritizes for delivering the reliable connectivity our customers seek no matter where they are in the world.

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Venn Telecom : Authorized Starlink Resseller

As a company that specialises in rapidly deployed, reliable enhanced internet connectivity, it was inevitable that Venn Telecom would become an authorized Starlink reseller. We preordered our first dish long before they were commercially available. Five minutes after turning it on for the first time, we recognised the potential for high bandwidth, low latency connectivity anywhere you can see the sky.

Starlink - in combination with our global 5G data, logistics and support capabilities, is a phenomenal opportunity for any business to grow and expand into new locations, and as an authorized reseller, we are able to support businesses and enterprises in their Starlink deployments and installations - wherever they might need them.

Image of a stack of Peplink routers

Venn Telecom is a proud certified partner of Peplink

Peplink is a multiple-award winning company, recognised by Gartner and with more than 70 granted patents regarding their SpeedFusion SD-WAN technology.

As the creator of a state-of-the-art, innovative, and disruptor router that provides unbreakable connectivity thanks to its bonding technology, Peplink is a visionary in the field and we’re delighted to be one of its certified partners.

Venn has also established global partnerships with other providers around the world, which allows us to offer a local approach wherever you need it and makes it possible to provide specific deployments on short notice if necessary.

At Venn Telecom, we love a good challenge.

So why don’t you tell us all about your worst-case scenario?
We’ll design a custom solution and walk you through it over a quick half-hour call.