Global Fixed Wireless Internet Access

Seamlessly combined Starlink & 5G to deliver enterprise-grade internet access anywhere you need it - fast.


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Fixed Wireless Access Internet

We deliver FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) using Starlink and 5G almost anywhere in the world - and we deliver fast.

We specialise in remote internet services and wireless connectivity for enterprises. Venn Telecom offers remote assistance for performance analysis and installation testing.

This means we can monitor and give you complete remote visibility of the networks in real-time, including deep visibility of Starlink and 5G antennas’ performance.

One billing platform for worldwide collaborators: As a direct Starlink & Peplink authorised reseller, we simplify your billing and operational complexities.

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Reliable Wireless Mobility Solutions

International deployments (Shipping / Autonomous / Teleoperated vehicles)

Reliable, available, secure: Venn Telecom combines top technologies into a single logical connection to guarantee remote access for command and control.

This improves signal and video transmission from mobile devices and is ideal for real-time service needs like emergency response teams, CCTV, and live broadcasting.

Combining multiple public and private 5G connections and low-orbit satellites to create seamless and uninterruptible connectivity.

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Customised solution development

Collaboration is the core of everything we do. We listen to your challenge, learn from it, and guide you to the best result for your business.

We use pioneering modern technologies and approaches to challenge traditional means. And build solutions that are more than the sum of their parts.

Here's how the latest connectivity technologies and approaches can deliver new capabilities anywhere you need them.

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Using Starlink and 5G for additional speed and reliability

  1. We ship a preconfigured kit to you.
  2. You install it on the roof and in your racks - or we can install it for you.
  3. We run remote performance tests to ensure everything is working.
  4. Your highly reliable internet access is ready; unleash the possibilities.

Technology Partners



Starlink provides access to rapidly deployable, high-speed, low-latency internet via its constellation of satellites in low Earth orbit.

We are one of the first Starlink authorised resellers specialising in international enterprise multi-site deployments. Venn has combined Starlink & Peplink on hundreds of sites and deployed them internationally.



Peplink is an engineering-driven technology innovator whose solutions push the boundaries of what is possible.

As Platinum partner and super value-added reseller, we have supplied and operated Peplink technologies on every continent and nearly every imaginable vertical. Our team include some of the most experienced Peplink consultants, trainers, and engineers in the world, making us a leading Peplink partner.


Wireless Logic

Wireless Logic offers secure and resilient global Data SIM solutions for multinational deployments.

Their Global Data SIM solutions combine advanced on-SIM technology with rules-based remote SIM provisioning capabilities to simplify and automate these processes. This makes them a user-friendly and efficient choice for any type of worldwide application.

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