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Partnerships are a vital aspect of Venn Telecom’s business model. By working with carefully chosen industry leaders in the connectivity space, we’re able to provide flexible, reactive services with a world-class technical base. Read on to discover who we’re partnered with.

Image of Peplink router

Venn Telecom: A proud Peplink official partner

Venn Telecom is proud to be an official partner of Peplink, developers of a game-changing technology that counts bonding technology, WAN smoothing and hot failover among its features. Recognised by Gartner, the multi-award-winning telecom giant has more than 70 granted patents involving their SpeedFusion SD-WAN technology and have spent the last decade developing efficient SD-WAN technological solutions.

As a Peplink Super VAR (Value Added Reseller), we’re able to integrate the company’s high-end solutions for both direct customers and partners, while also acting as technical consultants, architects, and 2nd/3rd line support.

High-end WAN supplier partnerships

We’ve established commercial relationships with dozens of network operators and data suppliers around the world, including key macro-level players that play a part in creating global roaming agreements. And because we’ve nurtured these relationships over the years, our customers can take advantage of all the widespread coverage and competitive rates they have to offer.

Our suppliers, among others, are:

Mobile euroinformation partner webbing partner orange partner telna partner telenet partner
Fixed kpn partner verixi partner eurofiber partner openip partner orange partner voo partner proximus partner sewan partner
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A network of partnerships around the world

Venn Telecom is part of a robust network of global partnerships with different providers from all over the world, which allows us to offer our customers hands-on, personalised service, no matter where they’re based.

For example, if you’re looking to expand into the UK, we’ll be able to offer a highly specialised local solution, leveraging both our own partnerships and Peplink’s to give you the most competitive rates, as well as specific deployments on short notice.

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