Venn Telecom’s
SD-WAN Solution

A comprehensive suite of flexible managed services

Superior bandwidth that never fails

SD-WAN packet bonding technology offers a high-bandwidth connection that never goes down over both wired and multi-wireless networks.

Full-network visibility across all your sites, all the time

Get the full picture with site-wide and network-wide visibility and easy extension/evolution across countries, as well as network monitoring and orchestration.

Our SLA: always up and running

We can offer the kind of unbreakable connectivity your business deserves by combining any number of wired and wireless connections from any technology or provider.

The right application optimisation rules for you

Together, we’ll review your applications landscape and define the appropriate application optimisation rules.

Personalised security solutions

We offer a wide range of security options and integrations — from DNS filtering to SASE — which we can customise to fit your project scope and meet your precise needs.

A flexible evolution process for your network

After thoroughly analysing your network situation, we’ll provide a customised step-by-step evolution plan to help you enhance your network, rather than just replace it.

Large volumes of carrier-grade mobile data

Get terabytes of untethered mobile data for your most demanding projects through unrestricted access to more than 500 operators around the world.


High-performance bandwidth

By combining our bonding technology with a set of wired and wireless networks, we can simultaneously leverage all of the bandwidth currently available from multiple providers.

Powerfully resilient connections

Thanks to packet-level bonding we can offer session persistence, which means that even if the line breaks you won’t lose your connection since it’ll simply swap over to another WAN.


Whether it’s DSL, Fiber, or Coaxial, we can scale our solution to any number of wired and wireless connections from any combination of technologies and providers.


From 4G and 5G to satellite connections, we can leverage any kind of wireless access to increase the amount of available bandwidth in your network and boost your signal’s stability.


You can rent equipment in a full Opex model, with only the services you actually need added on top. This priced-by-the-project model helps you to stay on top of your budget, ensures you won’t spend any more than you need to, and allows you to benefit from the routers immediately.


Purchasing gives you unlimited access to the equipment itself as well as whichever managed services you’d like us to handle. Just like with renting, when you purchase you’ll get all the benefits of our proven wireless expertise and a sustainable network transformation.

Full visibility and network orchestration thanks to InControl

Network orchestration

Network orchestration is a key feature of SD-WAN for anybody who needs to manage large-scale networks — and our integration with Peplink’s InControl makes it possible for you to have all the orchestration and monitoring tools you need to do your job the right way.


With InControl, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s happening with your network at all times. You’ll be able to watch the progression in real-time as we start to work on building the powerful, scalable architecture your business deserves. Best of all, implementing organisation-wide changes only takes a few clicks.

Screenshot of the InControl interface on a computer monitor

Flexible managed service provider

Schematic of Venn's different managed services
Schematic of Venn's different managed services

Our comprehensive SD-WAN solution involves managing access, integration, monitoring, and routing to ensure your business has a high-bandwidth connection it can always rely on. And because flexibility and personalised service is one of our core beliefs, we offer different combinations of managed services depending on your needs.

You can decide whether you want all of our managed services (Full Venn Managed), or you can pick and choose your preferred option, such as Bring Your Own WAN and Bring Your Own Security. No matter what combination of managed services you opt for, we’ll be able to support it.

Ask yourself the right questions about your WAN situation.

The first step to getting a high-performance SD-WAN solution is making sure the underlying WAN has been thoroughly taken care of.

That’s why you need to make sure you’re asking yourself the right questions about your WAN before diving headlong into the world of SD-WAN.

After all, there can be no SD-WAN without a good WAN underpinning it. Book a free meeting with one of our experts to talk through your situation.