Fast and secure connectivity| Interview with Uniper

“Your solution is very smart” | User Q&A with Uniper



  • Growing data demands on older infrastructure = poor performance and security issues.
  • Reliable connectivity is needed even in cable outage scenarios.

Venn’s solution combined:

  • High-speed, low-latency Starlink satellite internet with an underlay for SD-WAN.
  • SD-WAN integration to intelligently route traffic across multiple connections.
  • eSIM-enabled controllers and Venn’s custom Basic devices.


  • Faster speeds for a “massive improvement” in user experience.
  • Reliable connectivity and fast deployment at previously unconnected locations.
  • A “game changer” service with transparent communication and responsive support.

Uniper is an energy company specializing in providing flexible, low-carbon energy which is available where it is needed, when it is needed, while driving the energy transition. With activities across 40 countries, Uniper is a vital provider of energy security and power generation across Europe, serving more than 1000 industrial and municipal customers.

Uniper is future-focused, playing a pioneering role in establishing Europe’s hydrogen economy and actively developing its renewables business – this is part of their commitment to be carbon-neutral across their entire business by 2040. For the future, Uniper sees a crucial need for reliable connectivity everywhere, no matter how remote. However, traditional providers have not always met their needs.

So, when they needed to add additional bandwidth and resilience to some sites, they asked Venn Telecom if they could deliver solutions that no one else had.

We spoke to Hans Gossel, senior portfolio manager, about Uniper's experience. Here's what he said.

What had to change: poor performance and security issues.

Our old MPLS lines, at 2 or 4 mbs, did not meet the constantly increasing demand for data transmission.

We had business complaints of poor performance (such as in Teams), being unable to transmit large log files for security assessment or doing video surveillance with pictures or streams.

Even if a cable is broken, we still need connectivity. There was one situation where cables were cut to rob a museum and took the nearby power plant offline. We wanted additional security.

Why did you choose to work with Venn?

We were looking for a Starlink reseller who could ideally also provide ongoing service for a company fully compatible with our internal procedures and compliance rules.

We wanted to use Venn’s services for additional underlay for SD-WAN, adding bandwidth and resilience and allowing connectivity where nothing else is available.

Venn’s speed of delivery was very good, and so was their communication and support. We love the portal, and we love the transparency and the reports provided.

Have we lived up to your expectations? How do you find working with Venn?

For us, Venn’s services have been a game changer.

We have unlocked a massive improvement of the user experience, with the fast deployment of the internet at construction sites bridging the time until better cables are put in place. After that, the satellite dishes remain to provide redundancy.

Support has been very good, and when we had challenges, we were able to resolve the problems completely. Venn is a role model in all aspects, with no exceptions!

In your opinion, what makes Venn’s services different?

Your solution is very smart. Adding your own controller with eSIMs is brilliant, and the Venn Basic devices are a good idea -very cool. You can provide connectivity everywhere where the big players are (still) struggling.

What else would you like to say to Venn?

Keep going!

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