Connectivity Problems? Combined Starlink + 5G Service Changes Everything

Reliable internet is crucial when dealing with real-time data – and we're all using real-time data now, as our CTO Martin Langmaid explains. So what do businesses do when their connectivity options have traditionally been limited?


When we think of internet-dependent 'real time' businesses, video broadcasters and call centres might jump to mind, companies where super reliable connectivity is needed for primary activities like video streaming and VoIP.

But the reality is that even for businesses where the primary activity is offline, most back-office support and management activities are now likely in the cloud. This is the case for most physical retail stores and logistics companies - their day-to-day activities now rely heavily on internet-based applications and services.

For brick-and-mortar retail businesses, a reliable internet connection allows for smooth and seamless credit card transactions with customers. It also enables the use of advanced technologies such as real-time inventory management, site-wide security, access control and communications (such as CCTV and Radio / Voice over IP) - all designed to make a point of sale as safe, efficient and frictionless as possible.

In the logistics industry, reliable internet access is essential for tracking shipments, managing routes, and communicating with drivers. It can also be used for real-time updates on delivery times and status, ensuring that customers are kept informed and happy.

Traditional connectivity is limited: bonding Starlink + 5G creates new options.

When the internet connection can't be relied upon or isn't immediately available in a new potential expansion location, traditional options are limited. We see 4G/5G tethered smartphones or consumer 4G MIFI devices used, or other times multiple DSL lines are installed - all in a desperate attempt to get some sort of connection in place.

The Starlink + 5G service from Venn changes everything - especially as they are bonded together for reliability.

Now our customers can deploy new retail stores, warehouses, and depots anywhere they like whilst still using all their standard bandwidth-hungry and connection-dependent services.

And if they need more bandwidth, we add more Starlinks and 5G connections, mixing and combining multiple technologies and mobile network operators to increase the total available bandwidth and the overall reliability.

Want a milk vending machine at the edge of your field? We can connect that. Do you need to store shipping containers full of products in a temporary rented warehouse and provide IT services to your staff there? We can get it connected.

And by connecting these sites with Starlink and 5G bonded together, we can provide resilient, high-quality bandwidth you can rely on - normally within a few days.

There is a lot of talk about how Starlink and 5G will independently impact businesses everywhere as the services are deployed and made more accessible. And at Venn, we've found that even more is possible when they are combined effectively to deliver a network you can trust to run your business on - wherever you need your business to be.

Speak to us about how we can help your business grow nationally and internationally in new or temporary locations without the headache of dealing with international mobile operators or local installers.

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