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Audiovisual provider Careprod came to Venn with an interesting challenge. SKILL Assist is a program, facilitated by Careprod, that’s used to remotely train new physicians in specific procedures. Careprod needed Venn’s assistance to rapidly roll out SKILL Assist across dozens of new sites, without compromising on connection stability or bandwidth availability. The problem was technically demanding, but SD-WAN turned out to be the ideal solution.

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How Careprod rolled out its SKILL Assist program with the help of SD-WAN

The importance of robust connectivity in the world of telemedicine

Training physicians remotely, all over the world

SKILL Assist is a revolutionary concept in the world of telemedicine — training physicians remotely, from anywhere in the world. But such an ambitious project brings with it significant technical challenges that must be overcome. The solution would need to be able to provide a seamless Internet connection with no possibility of downtime. It would also need to be secure enough to protect medical data while maintaining enough flexibility to be easily scalable across multiple countries.

SD-WAN with Venn Telecom: the right tool for the job

Venn Telecom significantly reduced the network’s latency by leveraging SpeedFusion Tunnels, bonding technology, and advanced algorithms. The solution also required a suite of light, easily deployable hardware devices. Venn opted for Peplink routers to ensure that the new network would be versatile, secure, and scalable. Finally, 4G bonding was used to guarantee that the connection would never be lost, by combining different inputs into a single, high-bandwidth connection. The end result was Careprod ending up with a long-term solution they could count on, and the SKILL Assist scaling was able to proceed without a hitch.

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