Enhanced Train Connectivity: laying the tracks for innovation

All aboard! We’re creating reliable train connectivity and enabling new onboard services – so take that trees and tunnels!


As anyone who’s tried to work on a train knows, keeping trains reliably connected is tricky.

Internally, trains are a physically hostile environment for equipment, full of vibration & heat. They’re a challenge geographically, moving across borders and in and out of provider’s service areas. And a challenge environmentally, as hills, valleys, trees and tunnels, stations and infrastructure can all cause interference and intermittent internet connectivity.

Seamless Wi-Fi on trains is crucial: for passengers, who want it for their use, and for providers to offer onboard services such as payment processing and display boards, as well as CCTV and onboard sensors.

So how do we solve it?

To connect a train, 3 layers are better than one

Venn approaches this tricky problem by using new technologies and layering connectivity services, starting with the train’s onboard networking, and then adding LEO SAT & 5G for reliable onboard internet connectivity.

The first layer is onboard networking, physically a part of the train.

  • All carriages are linked with data and power.
  • A core network backbone is installed

This is augmented by mix & match internet access methods & technologies for supportive redundant internet connectivity.

  • A mix of LEO SAT (Starlink) and 5G terminals are installed onboard.
  • Starlink is installed in pairs at either end of the train to try to maintain connectivity with satellites even when the train is in tunnels and stations.
  • The 5G mobile devices are self-contained dome antennas with integrated 5G routers. They can connect to station Wi-Fi access points and public Wi-Fi networks when needed.

Once you have multiple options in place, you need to make them work together. We use internet connectivity bonding to combine all these layers for enhanced and reliable Internet access.

  • A Bonding router is added and connected to the core network.
  • The available internet access methods are presented to it as individual VLANs.
  • This creates a reliable, highly available internet connection using all available internet connections.

Now your train’s connection is reliable, what can you do with it? Here’s what connectivity can make possible.

Happier train passengers and enhanced onboard services

Bonding connectivity options for reliable internet both enhances the customer’s experience and ensures your staff are connected to every part of what’s happening.

No more connection frustration: Passengers get access to ultra-reliable high-bandwidth connectivity. A steady Wi-Fi connection on trains is crucial for passengers—both for their own use and for the convenience of paying for services by card.

New and improved onboard services: Reliable internet connectivity superpowers your onboard services, such as payment processing, onboard sensors, display boards and CCTV, ensuring your staff are connected and informed. It also improves signal and control communications for operators.

Train connectivity has always been tricky, but new technologies and innovations are taking on the challenge. Join us on our journey towards a future where we can explore the world from truly connected trains.

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