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Tom&Co needed a fast, reliable way to ensure that dozens of new sites would have a steady network connection that never went offline — and Venn’s SD-WAN solution turned out to be the perfect fit. Watch this video to learn how SD-WAN helped Tom&Co easily scale its business network.

A still from a video featuring François van Bree, the IT infrastructure manager at Tom&Co, sitting in the middle of a store

How SD-WAN helped Tom&Co easily scale its business network

The need for connectivity in the modern business world

Over the course of the last few years, consistent connectivity has evolved into an integral part of business infrastructure.

These days, any modern business that falls offline will see its sales revenue immediately impacted. That was exactly the problem facing Tom&Co, Belgium’s market-leading pet food retailer, when they were figuring out how to expand their network across dozens of new sites without losing connectivity.

Venn’s SD-WAN: The rapid rollout of a robust solution.

Venn Telecom was able to provide Tom&Co with a comprehensive network rollout plan that used our SD-WAN to ensure that every site would have 100% reliable network access. Most importantly of all, the solution was built from the ground up to meet Tom&Co’s precise needs, resulting in a smooth, straightforward project, from the initial concept to deployment and post-deployment support.

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