This is Venn Latam’s mission: transform connectivity in Latin America.

No more coverage challenges, bandwidth constraints or unpredictable outages: Venn Latam brings innovative connectivity solutions and services to Latin American enterprises.

Pierre-Gilles De Haye and Lucas Vaz Venn Telecom Brazil office

Venn Telecom has taken a huge step towards our vision for truly global connectivity with the launch of Venn Latam in Latin America.

This is more than an expansion; this is a commitment to revolutionise the connectivity landscape across the entire Latin American region. Lead by CEO Lucas Vas, Venn Latam will bring resilient connectivity and customised solutions for industry-specific needs to the region.

Introducing Lucas Vaz, Venn Latam’s CEO

Venn Latam will overcome current challenges including coverage, bandwidth constraints, and outages to bring innovative, resilient and scalable connectivity services and solutions to the region.

At the helm of Venn Latam is Lucas Vaz. Lucas brings a wealth of experience and has a deep understanding of the challenges posed by unreliable internet connectivity as he has successfully served the largest corporations in Latin America with enterprise and industrial grade wireless connectivity solutions.

His vision? To address the unique challenges of the Latin American market and offer customised solutions for industry-specific needs. Lucas sees Starlink as a key enabler of connectivity and welcomes the opportunity to revolutionise connectivity in Latin America.

"Joining forces with Venn allows us to bring their managed services to Latin America, combining Starlink, Peplink LTE/5G, and global multi-operator broadband mobile data.”

“Our expertise in heavy industries will accelerate custom Starlink solutions for enterprises in mining, construction, agriculture, and forestry."

What Venn Latam means for Latin American Clients

Benefits for clients in Latin America include expert local service, local stock and world-class connectivity solutions.

  • Local Expertise and Support: Say hola and olá to a local team that speaks your language. Portuguese and Spanish-speaking technical staff will reinforce Venn's multilingual capabilities, providing 24/7 service delivery.
  • Enterprise-Grade Connectivity: We're not here to play small. Venn can now deliver enterprise and industrial-grade connectivity anywhere in the world in record time, addressing the specific needs of Latin American businesses.
  • Stock Availability: Clients in the region will have access to local stock, ensuring swift delivery and support.

A warm welcome from the Venn Telecom team

Venn Latam is more than just an expansion. It's a promise to transform the connectivity business in all of Latin America, fuelled by our commitment to ensuring the benefits of the Starlink revolution are available to anyone who needs it, wherever in the world they are.

Pierre-Gilles Dehaye, CEO of Venn Telecom, welcomes Lucas and Venn Latam to our mission.

"Our ambition to grow Venn in high potential countries, and Lucas’s motivation to join the Starlink/Peplink combined revolution, made it clear that we should join forces in the region and create Venn Latam.”

“Reinforced by the international team of Venn – who are already present in three continents - Lucas has the human resources, technology and means to transform the connectivity business in all Latin America.”

“Venn's international customers in the region will now benefit from expert local service and support, including stock in selected countries."

Venn Latam represents a pivotal step for Venn Telecom and local enterprises alike, bringing unparalleled connectivity solutions to Latin America. Join us on this journey and discover the benefits of Venn Latam for your enterprise today.

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