The 2023 Venn CTO Connectivity Trendwatch

Connectivity technology never stops developing, so what’s in store next year?


Connectivity technology never stops developing, so what’s in store next year? We asked Martin Langmaid, our Chief Technology Officer - and one of our chief technology enthusiasts here at Venn - for his take on 2023’s connectivity trends.

Together we are stronger – how combining fixed wireless access technologies, global data SIMs and super-fast delivery changes everything: We know that true wireless performance and reliability are only achievable when you combine multiple different connectivity sources, but many businesses are still using just one, either 5G or Starlink.

Worse, these modern wireless connectivity technologies are often connected to traditional enterprise routers and long-term contracts that are slow and cumbersome to react to changes in availability and performance (if they were ever designed to do that in the first place). In 2023 we’re going to see more of what’s possible when you bridge that gap and join modern connectivity with modern approaches to routing – the dynamic analysis of bandwidth availability, the pre-emptive detection of link failure, and the intelligent application of bonding technologies in real-time.

  1. The industry and technologies will mature: In the last year, 5G has developed into a viable and sensible enterprise proposition; Starlink is also stabilising and maturing. 2023 will be the year when using these technologies moves on from the early innovators and out into the mainstream.
  2. Connectivity will embrace combining options: Combining network operators, rather than going with a single supplier and finding better ways to manage multi-operator network deployments, will see a rise in demand in 2023, as enterprises have discovered that no single network operator can provide full coverage for their locations. We’ll see this for 5G providers and LEO SAT, where Starlink and OneWeb combined will bring even more connectivity options.
  3. Reliable bandwidth accelerates digital transformation and innovation:
    With the right approach, the technologies are there to innovate reliably in 2023. When integrated right, tricky connectivity issues and not-spots will be a thing of the past - and these new approaches will enable enterprises and their people to do things they haven’t even imagined yet.

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