Stronger together – Venn welcomes Starlink & Peplink partnership.

Finally, we can share the great news with you: As of January 16th, Starlink and Peplink have formally announced their partnership.


Venn would like to celebrate and welcome Starlink & Peplink’s official partnership. It recognises how often Peplink products and services are paired with Starlink dishes in the field to deliver reliable and fully-managed enterprise-grade connectivity.

We knew this announcement was coming. We have been working in this area for years, and we know what the two are capable of when you put them together the right way.

This partnership means:

  1. Deeper integration of Peplink and Starlink products, enabling partners to be more efficient and effective in their deployments and support for solutions.

As established resellers and advocates of these two technologies already, we know just how powerful a solution Peplink and Starlink can create when they work together.

What’s so special about Peplink and Starlink together?

Peplink’s technologies allow you to combine Starlinks with 5G and other connections for game-changing connectivity solutions.

From unbreakable connectivity on the high seas to lower-cost rural and remote reliable internet, their recent case studies showcase the innovations they have enabled together.

Peplink has been delivering technology that combines multiple internet connection technologies for the last 16 years - with a focus on multi-cellular bonding, to deliver highly reliable connectivity in tricky locations.

Peplink partners and customers have recently been using the same bonding technology to combine cellular and Starlink - and often multiple Starlinks – to provide high-bandwidth redundant connectivity anywhere in the world.

Their new partnership shows that Peplink believes, just like Venn, that Starlink technology offers a solution to “impossible” connectivity issues. It demonstrates their commitment to continuing to improve the technology that joins the two types of connections (mobile network and Starlink).

At Venn we often describe Starlink as “4G from space” - it has many shared characteristics with cellular. It has more download bandwidth than upload, it is almost everywhere with some exceptions (due to obstructions), and it has no SLAs. We turn this raw Starlink and cellular connectivity into an enterprise-grade solution that is super reliable, redundant and globally available.

We are excited to see this official recognition of the potential of Starlink and Peplink’s partnership. We have been working with them together since it became possible, and we know what they are capable of when you combine them in the right way.

Here’s what our customers can expect:

  1. Reliability: no loss of service on Starlink service outages or hardware failure when using 5G as a backup.
  2. Seamless connectivity: the ability to combine multiple Starlinks and 5G connections at a network packet level and use them at the same time for internet activities that are traditionally only able to use one link at a time (e.g. file uploads, VoIP).
  3. Easy remote access to locations over a Starlink connection - even when the Starlink service does not have a public IP.
  4. Central Starlink dish monitoring and management using Peplink’s management tools.

A history of connectivity innovation – Venn’s work with Starlink and Peplink

As Peplink experts and one of the first Starlink resellers, we have deep experience in using these two technologies together to create innovative connectivity solutions, says Martin Langmaid, our CTO. We have been testing both technologies together since we became the second-ever Starlink reseller in October 2022.

“We know what we're doing. We were one of the first Starlink resellers and we’ve been deploying globally since Starlink came to the market. And we know Peplink technology like no other reseller out there does.”

“Venn has been an advanced and prolific user and champion of Peplink technologies for nearly a decade. We are a Platinum partner, a super value-added reseller, and have supplied and operated Peplink technologies in every continent and in nearly every imaginable vertical.”

“We also have some of the most experienced Peplink consultants, trainers and engineers in the world, making us one of the leading Peplink partners with a track record of delivering Peplink solutions at a global scale.”

“We are also the first Starlink authorized reseller that specialises in international enterprise multi-site deployments. With hundreds of sites deployed internationally using Starlink and Peplink’s capabilities in combination we are uniquely placed to understand how best to use Peplink and Starlink for enterprise connectivity.’

One bill, easy access to stock and experts - the Venn advantage

The Venn team includes former employees and internationally recognised Peplink experts. Our CEO, Pierre-Gilles Dehaye and Martin are 2 of just 15 worldwide trainers for Peplink’s training and certification programs.

Our practical experiences using and testing these two technologies together have made Venn the experts in this field – and, indeed, in any field that needs to be connected.

Venn’s expertise means that accessing the benefits of Starlink and Peplink’s partnership doesn’t just mean faster internet, it creates reliable connectivity that’s easy to use. Working with Venn means:

  1. One bill. We bill Starlink services directly and provide our own billing platform to our customers.
  2. Ease of access. We have distributed Regional warehouses in the US, Europe and some coming soon in LATAM.
  3. Unparalleled expertise. Venn has had a direct working relationship with Starlink since the beginning. We understand how to approach solving problems and providing solutions with them.

As an authorized Starlink reseller, we simplify the billing and operational complexities of combining and using these services. You can combine the bandwidth of multiple Starlink connections and multiple 5G operators with Peplink technologies such as Hot Failover to create one unbreakable high-speed network – and all of it on one bill.

As Starlink and Peplink go mainstream, what comes next?

Where traditional connectivity is limited, partnering Peplink with Starlink and 5G creates new options. We have a history of innovating in this area - as Martin said – in his 2023 trend watch:

“2023 will be the year when using these technologies moves on from the early innovators and out into the mainstream. With the right approach, the technologies are there to innovate reliably. When integrated right, tricky connectivity issues and not-spots will be a thing of the past - and these new approaches will enable enterprises and their people to do things they haven’t even imagined yet.”

As Starlink & Peplink join forces here at Venn, we celebrate their partnership and what this could mean for connectivity in 2024… and beyond.

As an international Enhanced Internet Service Provider, we specialise in designing, delivering and supporting fixed and mobile wireless internet connectivity using bonded 5G and Starlink.

We provide reliable internet connectivity in traditionally hard-to-reach locations and as a super reliable backup to our customers' existing traditional internet connectivity solutions.

Our day job is global business and government connectivity at scale. Our passion is enabling new attractive services in new exciting ways in interesting new places.

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