Starlink V4 advantages: Stronger, Faster, Future-Proof

The wait is over: Starlink’s V4 “Standard” is now available to enterprises worldwide.

The V4 is a significant leap forward, says Venn Telecom CTO Martin Langmaid, as it enables cost-effective deployments on a large scale where it wasn’t possible before.

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This latest iteration dish is going to change the game for many business users, Martin says.

“It’s lighter, thinner and tougher, with fantastic reported performance from early testers.”

“This latest evolution of the Starlink platform will be interesting to anyone who needs reliable internet access in tricky places, but especially to business users that found the original High-Performance platforms too expensive.”

Designed for cost-effective durable performance

The Starlink V4 is IP67 rated, built to be deployed at incredible scale and is a perfect complement to our new 5G router platform (the B One 5G).”

The dish is designed to lie flat, facing the sky, swapping out the previous versions’ antenna motors for a more robust kickstand option. In addition, the new model has a higher waterproof rating, is dust proof, and able to withstand short and shallow water immersion.

The V4 will be available through authorised Starlink resellers, where the residential dish was not. This combination of durability, portability and simplicity should encourage larger scale deployments in cost-conscious industries, such as retail and transportation industries.

Built for the future

The V4 isn’t just built to last, it’s built to take full advantage of future developments, says Martin.

“The V4 has the latest hardware inside – that means it will support the next generation of satellites and the speeds and lower latencies they can provide. The connectors on it are now standard - RJ45 ethernet - which will make integration into new places and custom enclosures easier.”

To make the most of the V4s capabilities, Venn recommends pairing it with Peplink’s latest 5G router, the Balance One 5G.

The Balance One is designed from the ground up to work with Starlink antennas. High throughput, WIFI 6, and dual Wired WAN means it delivers uptime and speed now, as well as making it a future-proof solution that grows with business demands.

What’s the difference - V4 or high performance?

“We are seeing excellent comparative performances relative to the high-performance dishes,” says Martin. “We do want to run more tests and run side-by-side tests against the high-performance dishes in more places before we form a conclusion.”

“The high-performance dishes are an upgrade to the V4, but the V4’s compromise of being lighter and easier to cable and power will be attractive to many over the raw power of the high performance.”

“However, if you are in the coldest parts of the world, the high performance is still the leader when it comes to snow melting capabilities.”

The V4 need-to-know

  1. Affordable price point
  2. Future-proof design for use with next-generation satellites
  3. Fast and consistent internet speeds
  4. Enhanced Wi-Fi 6 coverage for broader connectivity
  5. Increased durability with an IP67 rating
  6. Simplified setup with a user-friendly kickstand design
  7. Standard connectors for easier integration
  8. Pairs well with Peplink’s Balance One 5G

Venn sees the Starlink V4 as a significant step forward in making satellite internet technology accessible to every enterprise worldwide. Its improved performance, enhanced durability, and future-proof design—as well as its more attractive price point—will make it a compelling option for many businesses.

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