Simply Connected – Venn is Top 10 SDN Solution provider

In an ever-evolving digital world - where seamless, fast and reliable network connectivity is critical - we’re delighted to be recognised as a Top 10 SDN Solution provider.

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Simple, agile and innovative network management

Venn Telecom was recently announced as a Top 10 SDN Solution provider in Europe in 2023 by industry experts at Enterprise Networking.

This recognition reaffirms our commitment to instilling simplicity and agility into network management while removing every connectivity bottleneck, said our CEO, Pierre-Gilles Dehaye, in an interview with Enterprise Networking.

“The speed, stability, and global connectivity of our internet solutions results from our partnerships with wired and wireless internet service providers worldwide, including Starlink, renowned for low-earth orbit and low latency.”

“We are also constantly evolving with the industry, innovating and adding new networks and connectivity tools.”

The real-world benefits of innovative connectivity

In 2024 and beyond, it’s not just about making calls. It's about connecting everything from phones to homes to businesses to remote objects and locations.

Solutions like Starlink now offer better connectivity in areas without access to broadband, but the real benefits of connectivity can only be unlocked by combining and integrating options.

Venn Telecom is committed to offering innovative solutions, combining numerous wired and wireless inputs into a single unbreakable, high-bandwidth connection. The reliability and flexibility of our solutions reduce the complexities of network management while fostering top-notch connectivity.

The benefits resulting from our approach speak for themselves: effortless integration of new features and systems, flexible traffic management, on-demand bandwidth availability, zero packet loss, and latency optimization.

Making connectivity work better

Venn’s proficiency in delivering high-speed internet to low-connectivity zones was the star of our recent project with Cargill Corporation. Faced with difficult connectivity in a remote Canadian location, they were unable to operate their facility.

Venn swiftly implemented the Starlink network for them, boosting bandwidth a hundredfold within 48 hours.

It’s not only about having a connection but about improving it. Venn’s services enhance and combine connectivity options like Starlink, ensuring a faster, more reliable, and transparent service so businesses and individuals can stay connected, no matter what they need.

Are you starting up? Venn’s services support companies in pioneering ground-breaking internet-powered technologies in small workspaces.

These ventures need efficient and consistent network access for their innovations to operate during global deployment, especially in low connectivity zones. Our solutions serve as the foundation layer for those technologies, empowering their aspirations.

Scaling up and growing? During mergers and acquisitions, straightforward connectivity facilitates the integration of the acquired company’s network infrastructure into clients’ existing ones, as companies with traditional infrastructure can easily transform into the cloud landscape.

We believe in the power of partnership

Venn Telecom's speed, stability, and global connectivity are the results of strategic partnerships with wired and wireless internet service providers worldwide.

Our partnerships with wired and wireless internet service providers, including Starlink, ensure global connectivity as we innovate and add new networks and connectivity tools to our ever-evolving toolkit.

As a telecom company, we've always aimed to break barriers, foster collaboration, and create a more connected world by providing innovative SDN solutions.

As a smaller company, with a big vision, we are proud to step up and take our place with the giants in this field as a Top 10 SDN Solution provider. We believe in the future of wireless connectivity, and this recognition reaffirms that as we step up to our position as a leader in the field.

Thank you for being part of this journey. We promise to keep pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and keeping you connected.

About Venn Telecom

Venn Telecom specialises in providing enhanced internet connectivity to international enterprise customers. They take fiber from the ground, Starlink from the sky and combine them with 5G and other wireless services to deliver reliable, redundant high bandwidth bonded connectivity anywhere over a single public facing IP address.

With access to international installation teams, including specialists for private and commercial marine services, Venn’s global cellular data, logistics and technical partners enable the installation of Enhanced Internet connectivity solutions at scale fast anywhere on the planet.

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