Ovum On the radar Peplink | whitepaper

Ovum is one of the world’s foremost technology and research firms, famous for its industry-leading reports, including the “On the Radar” series. This edition of the report focuses on Peplink, of whom Venn Telecom is an official partner, specifically highlighting Peplink’s multi-link WAN load balancing solutions.

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A graphical representation of the cover of Ovum’s “On the Radar” report on Peplink

When fast, always-on, multicarrier/multilink Internet connectivity is critical

Peplink has been making great strides in developing its innovative routers, which offer cutting-edge features such as load balancing, bandwidth aggregation and hot failover. In its report, Ovum covers how Peplink’s routers fit into the broader telecommunications ecosystem, as well as providing a more general background to the company.

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