Meet Venn’s Dynamic New Telecom Team in UK

"I just wanted to fix unreliable connectivity and make sure it worked – wherever and whenever it was needed," said Pierre-Gilles, our CEO, during a recent workshop.

Venn’s vision may have begun with one solo entrepreneur carrying out installations and remote deployments, but we’ve grown a lot since then. As we approach our 10th anniversary, we are delighted to welcome our new team in the UK – and to introduce you to some new faces and some very familiar ones.


Connectivity experts in the UK

Martin Langmaid, CTO

Many of you already know Martin Langmaid, our CTO and resident technologies evangelist.

With over 15 years of extraordinary WAN network design and implementation experience under his belt, his boundless interest and enthusiasm for creating connections wherever it is needed gives our UK office a strong foundation.

Joining him on Venn’s dream team in the UK are James Webster and Emil Patriche.

James Webster, Senior Infrastructure Engineer

James Webster has worked on Peplink at an enterprise level for over a decade and comes to us fresh from 4 years as a support engineer at Peplink.

He brings over 20 years of enterprise IT experience to the role of Senior Infrastructure Engineer, as well as a deep understanding of resilient network design and integration. His detailed know-how in the area of design and implementation of reliable networks at scale is a big asset to Venn in the UK.

Emil Patriche, Infrastructure Engineer.

Emil Patriche is a highly experienced service delivery engineer and joins James and Martin as our Infrastructure Engineer.

Emil has worked with IT networks and VoIP services for the last 15 years, specialising in real-time communication networks. His practical experience as a 2nd line Peplink & VoIP engineer, supporting real-time applications in complex network environments, is a perfect fit for the UK team’s expertise in combining connectivity options for outstanding outcomes.

Strengthening Venn’s Services in the UK and beyond

Our UK team will support international customers using Venn’s core Starlink and 5G enhanced internet services. They will also deliver on Venn’s vision of connectivity, wherever and whenever it’s needed, including:

  • Customized value-driven solutions: First, listening to and informing customers, then building solutions in response to their specific needs.
  • Global Internet access: Constantly seeking the best internet access and solutions for global coverage and reliable connectivity.
  • Network upscaling and back-up wireless connectivity: Facilitating the easiest way for businesses to upscale their network, offering secure wireless back-ups.
  • Business expansion support & network foundation: Helping businesses grow in new locations by providing reliable connectivity wherever it’s required.

The UK team particularly focuses on designing, monitoring, testing and supporting production deployments of these services outside and inside of Europe, in areas such as the US, Brazil, and Africa.

Growing strong in the UK

Why choose the UK? Martin, our CTO, already lives there, so it was natural to build a team in that area. The ability to tap into the vibrant and existing network of UK expertise was also a big factor, says Martin.

“Being present here lets us work even more closely with UK-based Peplink & Starlink partners and resellers. There are so many great Peplink and network engineers in this country. The southwest of the UK is rapidly becoming a tech centre in its own right – it is a great place to recruit experts as it’s a desirable place to live and work with many large businesses moving in and bringing skills to the region.”

The team will work in the UK but are well-connected with teammates in Europe, says Martin. “The Brussels office is only a 2 hop train journey away from Exeter – effortless to get to when we want to meet up with colleagues and work on projects together.”

Connecting teams, wherever they are

The UK office is also focused on defining best practices for remote working at Venn. “Reliable connectivity, high-quality video conferencing and educational knowledge management are all key pieces of that.”

The practical lessons learned by our remote offices as Venn expands and grows will also add valuable information to the Venn compendium. “A core capability of distance working is leveraging video conferencing. Often overlooked, as part of that ability to communicate visually, is the requirement also to share knowledge and lessons learnt easily.”

“Our UK office then – as the first remote office containing multiple members of staff – is learning, testing and innovating all around the administration and sharing of knowledge.”

So please join us in welcoming Venn’s new UK office and our team. We’re looking forward to working together, wherever we are, on Venn’s vision of connectivity that works wherever and whenever it is needed.


“With the right approach, tricky connectivity issues and not-spots can be a thing of the past. New approaches and technologies will enable enterprises and their people to do things they haven’t even imagined yet.”


“I’m passionate about the positive impact high bandwidth internet connectivity has on businesses – particularly those of NGOs and health organisations working internationally. The scale of what Venn wants to do next, and how I can help them achieve that, is what I’m most excited about.”


“The Starlink and Peplink combination is what drew me to Venn. Having worked with Peplink for VoIP deployments for over 7 years, the addition of Starlink and 5G is a game changer.”

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