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Combining cloud connectivity with 4G Sim cards was Venn's answer for global steel manufacturer, Aperam. The use of international multi-operator 4G sims, for easy and fast connection to mobile providers networks worldwide, was the key when implementing a backup for their critical international production sites.


How do you make connectivity back-up easy when your sites are all around the world?

Combining cloud connectivity with 4G SIM cards was Venn's answer to a global steel manufacturer, Aperam.

Global steel manufacturer Aperam needed reliable connectivity to eliminate the risk of costly downtimes – but ensuring seamless back-up worldwide seemed complex.

Venn worked with them to implement 4G/5G back-up on critical international production sites, allowing quick and effective connection to mobile networks globally.


With sites spread out worldwide, reliable connectivity is vital for steel manufacturer Aperam. A cable breakdown or network outage means costly downtime - they needed a connectivity back-up that had their back.

But ensuring that back-up seemed complex. Some sites were remote, with only one line. Others needed to migrate from MPLS to SD-WAN. Establishing agreements with multiple operators and networks in each region would be time-consuming.

Aperam wanted an easy, optimised and future-focused solution – and that’s why they selected Venn to deliver it.

Venn’s proposed “as a package” solution was unique, said Eric Mertens, their Global Head of IT Infrastructure. Combining equipment, cloud connectivity and SIMs to optimise effectiveness, the use of international and multi-operator 4G SIM cards allowed fast and easy connection to mobile networks globally.

Steady communication ensured Aperam were able to both get effective explanations on any issues and proactively optimise performance, said Eric. "In addition to the technical solution, Venn was confident in implementing a quick fix and optimisations. They helped us deploy a customised result that opened a 4G/5G back-up on all our most critical international production sites.”

Venn’s back-up is secure and seamless, says Lesther Nobels, who managed the Aperam project. “When their line drops, our device takes over. No data goes through our router as long as their main line does not go down – but if it does, we bundle 4G data through a PepVPN to utilize all SIM connections at the same time.”

The result has been exactly what Aperam wanted; reliable connectivity easily and effectively integrated with their daily operations. And, with room to evolve, Aperam can look towards the future, knowing their back-up has their back.

At Venn, we’ve established commercial relationships with dozens of network operators and data suppliers worldwide, including key macro-level players that play a part in creating global roaming agreements. And because we’ve nurtured these relationships over the years, our customers can take advantage of all the widespread coverage and competitive rates they have to offer.

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