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Created nine years ago and specialising in data science, Euranova is an innovative company with its own Research and Development department, focused on investigating what the future of IT might look like. When its Internet connection started to present difficulties with regards to speed, the group decided to seek out a more modern solution — and Venn turned out to be the perfect partner.

A still from a video of Quentin Dugauthier, the MD of Euronova

How Venn developed a robust, fast, and cost-effective network for Euranova

As well as needing better-performing connectivity, Euranova needed to find a cost-effective solution that didn’t involve ever-increasing SLA prices while still being flexible enough to support its geographically dispersed teams. Venn Telecom’s solution involved using Peplink technology to aggregate several mobile lines, creating a robust, powerful network that met all of Euranova's needs.

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