Business Starlink vs. Residential Starlink

Bringing high-speed broadband to remote locations worldwide, Starlink is a connectivity game-changer. It offers both a residential and Business/Enterprise internet service, so how do they differ, and is Starlink Business worth it?

Starlink Business

Bigger is better: the Starlink Business dish difference

Physically larger, with more elements for better performance, there’s no doubt the Starlink Business antennae offers big benefits.

  • They can send and receive more powerful signals.
  • They are more durable, with improved performance in all weather conditions.
  • Offer a better-quality connection with lower latency and improved performance.
  • Higher bandwidth when more satellites are in the sky.

The business antenna is bigger, expanding the field of view from 110 degrees (residential) to 140 degrees. This means service availability is around 4 times greater than before. It also enhances GPS functionality and improves satellite visibility by approximately 35%.

Why is that? Starlink's high-performance dishes use a beam-forming technique, creating a cone of connectivity to satellites. The bigger dish means fewer occurrences of the little “mini-outages” that occasionally happen during satellite transitions, and those outages are less disruptive due to faster processing with the upgraded business antenna elements.

Dishes are highly durable with IP56 protection, as opposed to residential antenna’s IP54. What does that mean in real terms? IP56 is capable of withstanding strong jets of water, for example, whereas IP54 provides protection against splashes.

Starlink Business dishes also perform better in extreme weather. When temperatures go over 35°C, the business antenna delivers speeds three times faster. The upgraded heat management system also means 1.7 times faster snowmelt capabilities.

Starlink Business means priority bandwidth, 24/7

While the standard Starlink Residential package is ideal for many home users, there’s no doubt that Starlink Business is a better choice for power users. For a start, Starlink Business Plans are granted higher priority traffic than Residential Plans.

And as the High-Performance Dish can view 35% more of the sky, it can connect to more satellites and maintain that connection better. Download speeds are in the range of 100 to 350mbps, compared to residential max of up to 100mbps. Business antennas achieve higher overall download speeds while maintaining upload speeds of 10 to 50mbps and consistently low latency.

For companies needing connectivity hardware for extreme environments, such as high humidity, temperatures, or heavy snowfall, that high-performance dish won’t let them down. The business service is more stable, faster, and has fewer drops, so businesses can ensure 24/7 bandwidth for their operations.

For power users and critical sites: unparalleled connectivity via Venn and Starlink

For most organisations, even smaller ones, upgrading to the Starlink Business is more than worth it and will bring considerable benefits. The high-performance dish offers a better-quality connection with lower latency and improved performance.

For very large and critical sites with many users who need high availability, Starlinks can be combined. Advanced services offered by Venn enable the connection of multiple high-performance Starlink antennas and simultaneous connections to various 5G networks. This substantially enhances reliability and speed.

Venn’s "enhanced remote access" package replaces the simple WiFi router that Starlink supplies with an enterprise-grade alternative, providing full out-of-band management over cellular networks.

As an international Enhanced Internet Service Provider, we specialise in designing, delivering and supporting fixed and mobile wireless internet connectivity using bonded 5G and Starlink.

We provide reliable internet connectivity in traditionally hard-to-reach locations and as a super reliable backup to our customers' existing traditional internet connectivity solutions.

Our day job is global business and government connectivity at scale. Our passion is enabling new attractive services in new exciting ways in interesting new places.

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