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Leading HVAC supplier Airvance needed a way to decouple from its outdated MPLS network, without disrupting the continuity of its day-to-day business operations. Venn Telecom was able to carry out a full-scale migration process without causing the business to undergo any downtime at all.

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A still from a video featuring Joris Van den broeck Group IT Infrastructure Architect Airvance

How Venn helped Airvance upgrade its network without any interruptions

Flexibility is a vital component of modern network solutions

MPLS decoupling: a crucial step

The legacy MPLS was slow and outdated, so upgrading it as fast as possible was a top priority for Venn. We accomplished the task in just under two weeks without any business interruptions for Airvance’s day-to-day operations, creating completely independent networks.

Increasing bandwidth to support more applications

Bandwidth also needed to be improved across a number of different sites in order to support Airvance’s business applications. Venn installed additional Internet lines in France and the UK in parallel with the soon-to-be-decommissioned MPLS lines, again without any service interruption.

Future-proof flexibility upgrades

It was also vital for Airvance that the company’s new network had the flexibility to adapt to future changes further down the line. Venn was able to deliver on this objective, with the significantly increased bandwidth being particularly noteworthy, as it would be able to handle many more business applications in the future.

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