As your Authorized Starlink Reseller, we offer additional services to ensure the most efficient, enterprise-class solution.

This low-latency, high-bandwidth broadband experience will allow enterprise and maritime customers to manage their businesses anywhere in the world.

Image of an antenna directed towards the sky

I need Starlink for private use. Can Venn Telecom help me with this?

Venn Telecom does not sell Starlink dishes for private use. We can only offer Starlink to businesses; if you are a consumer/individual, please go to: https://www.starlink.com/

Can I resell dishes I buy from Venn Telecom to my own customers?

No, as Starlink does not authorize us to resell to other resellers. You should approach Starlink directly if you wish to resell Starlink yourself. Venn Telecom requires a direct contract with the end user/company.

Can I buy Starlink equipment without any additional services from Venn?

No, the minimal additional service Venn adds to Starlink is our "monitoring and support" package. This provides you with enhanced device support, visibility and notifications.

Would you like to know more about Starlink and our services?

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