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Based in Lommel and founded in 1952, Staf Cars is a bus company with a reputation for being innovative. Offering a wide range of services—including school transportation, tourism, and VIP packages—Staf Cars is the only Belgian member of the Global Passenger Network.

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Innovative connectivity on-the-go with “Office On Wheels”

When the group got in contact with Venn Telecom, it was searching for a way to implement wireless internet for its “Office on Wheels” concept.

"Office on Wheels" is a mobile workstation that offers USB connections, first class seats, free refreshments, and a high-quality internet connection. After learning more about the challenges of the project, we proposed our Venn Office solution, which involves four 4G modems as well as a managed service package that includes Proximus, Base, and Orange connections. This combination of technologies ensures a top-quality Wi-Fi connection that never fails, no matter where the workstation may actually be.

The project is a success

After trialling the solution, Staf Cars decided to go ahead and implement it—and the results were excellent.

Not only were the employees of the group’s clients delighted to avoid standing still for hours at a time, the clients actually recorded increased levels of efficiency among the staff members themselves. Encouraged by the success, Staf Cars decided to roll out the full-scale “Offices on Wheels'' concept, which involved a network of high-tech buses in collaboration with eight other bus companies.

Flexibility is key

“Offices on Wheels” can also be rented for educational goals, such as when a group of dentists were able to engage in a two-hour long training program before returning to their practice, simply by parking one of the mobile offices in the parking lot of a shopping center. It’s just one example of the exciting use cases that such advanced technology offers—the future has never looked brighter for Staf Cars.

“That is the kind of flexibility we like to offer and thus ask from our partners,” explains a smiling René Dirkx, reflecting on the success of the project. “Venn Telecom offers that all the time… Everybody is happy, thanks to Venn.”

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